2019 HPDE at Summit Point


Ken Caniglia AKA Superfly
Contributing Member
Get Out on Track with the 2019 WDCR SCCA High Performance Driver Education and Time Trials Program!

New name, same great program! The Washington DC Region SCCA’s PDX and Time Trials program is now called High Performance Driver Education and Time Trials, to better reflect the value these events deliver.

Drivers get:
● Expert high performance driving instruction from qualified coaches
● More than 1.5 hours of track time per day
● One of the safest track day programs in the Mid-Atlantic.
● Friendly, low pressure environment

Join us in 2019 on these dates:
● March 9th & 10th (Summit Point - Main)
● March 30th - Instructor Clinic w/ Advanced-Only HPDE (Summit Point - Shenandoah)
● March 31st (Summit Point - Shenandoah)
● May 4th & 5th (Summit Point - Main)
● July 6th & 7th (Summit Point - Shenandoah)
● August 17th & 18th(Summit Point - Shenandoah)
● September 14th & 15th(Summit Point - Shenandoah)
● October 19th & 20th (Summit Point - Jefferson)


Wanted - Dead or Alive
May might be doable. VIR is having a Mach1 event in July. I kind of like the more technical Shennandoah course.

Doug Smith

Contributing Member
Yeah, I might punt to May for better weather after thinking about it. I actually like the main course. Shennandoah is fun but the walls are a lot closer. I don't mind it as much in a car with a full cage but I like the open space when I don't have a full cage around me.