Aluminum Pick-up Bed Cover - great deal!!


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A very good friend of mine is selling his truck bed cover system. It is in near perfect condition and comes complete with all components. It is a few years old and was installed on a 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve with a 5.5 foot bed. He needed extra height, so replaced it with a camper shell. The cover is a Retrax Pro-MX. Here is a link to the company website: It should fit on any 5.5 foot bed. Perhaps you would have to change the mounting clamps, but they are fairly cheap. Company support folks are very nice.

He is asking $750. If interested or for more information contact Jos van Seeters at


Also has a Cargo gate for the same truck available for sale. Asking $150. It could mount to the cover's rails or a separate set of rails (I believe that they are available from Nissan). Here is a picture of the gate: