Another new guy...

Goog morning. My name is Boyd. Craig S. pointed me your way from another forum.
I live in Glen Burnie, close to I97 and Quarterfield.

Last week I placed an order for a complete F5 Roadster, should be done and ready to ship on sat 2/11.
Of course, I've got great plans for it, all finances are in order. Basics are a 3 link rear, TKO600 and a 427W x-head.
Got a free body buck and chassis dolly from another builder in Severn, so thats all set.

Working on getting my tools in order and ordering preliminary parts I'll need. Looking forward to maybe meeting some like minded folks, sharing some ideas and seeing some awesome machines.


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Welcome! You came to the right place for advice on your FFR build. We love to spend other people's money. ;D Plenty of FFR roadster builders here to help.
Rob, sbrooke and Joe... Thanks! You guys are makin the new guy feel welcome!

She should be done being assembled at F5 this saturday, I'll hear about shipping next week.

Wheels showed up today...


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Welcome from another Mk 4 builder in the area ... Great to have another FFR guy onboard and look forward to hearing, seeing and reading about your build.