Backdraft Owners

Mike Holt

A young man that’s local to us came by with his Backdraft car yesterday. He had a few small leaks he wanted me to look at. Threw it up on my scissor lift and I think we found the sources.
1) Rear main is seeping a little. Not enough to stop driving in prime season!
2) Right rear half shaft looks like it may be leaking from the inner most seal (closest to diff). I am not at all familiar with BMW rears, nor IRS for that matter. Have any of you BDR owners experienced the same thing?

Lastly, he has a rattle that sounds like it’s coming from the right side pipe. But, he also has a “clink clink” sound coming from right rear area that I couldn’t isolate. He rolled down my drive and killed the motor. When he hid a dip, I heard it. Suspension appears tight. Nothing obviously loose any where. My thoughts are a baffle in the side pipe busted loose? Throwing spit balls at this point.
I told him to attend our get together in Sept as one of you much more knowledgeable guys can probably put your finger on it right away.