Barbeque / Viewing of Spring Fling

As per my earlier email on this subject, I am planning to host a barbeque where we can also all watch the DV Spring Fling video on my big screen 60" TV in surround sound. For the people who didn't get to go last year, it will give them some insites into the event. For those of us who were there, it should bring back some good memories. The video is supposed to be really good, and I think it like this could be a lot of fun.

So, once I get the tape from DV, I will pick a weekend day and start getting names of who wants to attend.


Scott Harrison

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Sounds good. Tell us when, where and what to bring. You shouldn't have to supply food & drink for the unruly mob that will show up.
I sure hope the Video has shots of Sundance and Bikerwoman! :wink:

Jim Harding

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I know I answered you via the other mail list, but count me in too.

Allen.... we'll let Evan come. The only restriction is he can't speek a word until he properly identifies the two origional and REAL Cobras that were there. That, and he MUST drive his car to Ed's place too. Fat chance right?

- Jim -