Best Hotel Deal Near VIR

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Carlewms, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Carlewms

    Carlewms The Rivet Man Contributing Member Member

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a relatively inexpensive hotel near VIR?


  2. Bill Magruder

    Bill Magruder Contributing Member Member

    Rockville, MD
    We always stayed at the Sleep Inn, Danville. If you want the best rate, do not mention you are a member of CACC! If you have some extra time, I'll share some stories of past misadventures by some of our members.

  3. Gary Hughes

    Gary Hughes Contributing Member Member

    I've stayed at the Travel Inn. Old, but clean and cheap - around $50/night.. South of town, but still easy to get into Danville for dinner and not much further from VIR than the rest of the Danville places.
  4. Hot Rod

    Hot Rod Member

    Springfield, VA
    Or better yet, stay on VIR (look for late cancellations if full). The paddock rooms are very convenient.

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