Carl's FFR Mk4 Roadster Build

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Carlewms, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Is that unswitched power fused near the battery?
  2. Carlewms

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    Yes. There is a fuse box just above the battery which has fuses sized to the appropriate loads. There is also a large fuse between that panel and the battery.
  3. Carlewms

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    I got one more item on the punch list completed: Replacement of the wimpy sounding FFR horns with a mini air horn by Trombe-Stebel. At 139 dB I think it will be plenty loud and more appropriate than the “beep” from the Factory Five Racing Version.


    A new bracket was fabricated from some spare aluminum to use the same holes that the mounts for the FFR “Road runner” sounding horn. The kit didn’t have the bracket; it did have the nut and bolt to attach the horn to a bracket. Although the kit comes with a relay, it was not used because the circuit from the POWERCELL is rated at 25 amps.


    I may paint or powder coat the bracket in the future.


    From the bottom ...

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    What's wrong with that!? hqdefault.jpg
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