Cruisin’ SoMD


Val Wadsworth
Contributing Member
As Dan has pointed out, the Maryland contingent of CACC meets at Renditions Golf Course in Davidsonville at 0900 for breakfast on Sundays and spontaneously takes off to cruise the back roads whenever the weather is nice. The weather for this coming Sunday is looking too good to pass up, so I guarantee there will be a cruise after breakfast. A number of Virginia guys have joined us before and had a great time so I hope some of you will join us again. Of course you’re always welcome to join us for breakfast on any Sunday. We do put out an email every Saturday to confirm that we will be meeting and announce if there will be a cruise; send me your address if you’d like to be included. Email rsvps help me ensure restaurants are ready for us when the group gets larger than usual. Val


If I can finish the work I'm doing on my car over the next few days left, I may join you!
I sent you my @ over PM.