Joe Loyd

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I'm ordering parts left and right for my upcoming build and need to know which Front Lower Control Arms to order. I was going to use the tubular ones from FFR but they seem pretty expensive for a street car. I remember someone mentioned ordering the FMS ones as an alternative. Soutwest Ford has them (#M-3075-A) for $175. Any other suggestions?
Joe - those are your ONLY two choices. The FMS arms are the same as the stock 87-93 lowers with the low friction ball joint. The other alternative is to get some out of the scrap yard, but then you'd probably want to replace the bushings and ball joints. Combine this w/ the hassle of cleaning and painting and you're approaching the FMS arms.

I've got an extra set, but they're pretty rough.
Let me second Wade's comment. If you don't want to spend the coin for the FFR lowers, order the FMS kit. I went the rout of disassembling, blasting, coating, and reassenmbling my stock parts with new bushings and ball joints at great effort and saved no more that $10.