Gary Hughes Surgery


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Fairfax INOVA heart is one of the best in the country that's why I'm keeping my houses in this area. Went through the rehab about 18 years ago it was so good I kept going for an extra two months paid out of my own pocket, but it was reassuring to be wired up to their machines . God bless and keep mooooooving. O0

Hector Rodriguez

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Darn Chipper, my cardiologist is also Dr. Singh, you think I can get that same nurse to "handle me" as well??!! OH, SHE IS SOOO HOT!!!!
Best wishes buddy, I'll get you a block of salt that you can lick while watching TV.
Get well my friend!!!
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Scott Harrison

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Gary made it to the VI this past Saturday, thanks to his Chauffeur/Nurse Ratchet/Contessa/Elizabeth....

VI 1.jpg VI 2.jpg VI 3.jpg

Rob Burton

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Chipper (Moo), do you now have an uncontrollable desire to eat grass? LOL!!

Glad to see you are getting out! You guys that live close by need to get him out of the house as much as possible so Elizabeth does not hurt him!!