Hell'uva weekend!

WOW that might have been the best Fun Run yet, Bravo

Thanks Rob, Jenny, Jenna, Phil, Tanya and the Delaware contingent, the commander and I had a blast.

The weather turned out great with not a drop of rain, great food, great company and alittle stomp n steer........outstanding

Dave T


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Definitely one of the best events. Thanks all for the great effort it took to put this on. Looking forward to the next one.


Ken Caniglia AKA Superfly
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Ditto on good time and thanks O0O0O0

Ripper, those cones didn't do anything to you to deserve the abuse you imposed on them :burnout:
I talked to them later and their feelings were hurt :coolsmiley: i'ld watch out the next time you meet them. They may jump out in front of you to get back :lol:
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We had a great time despite a minor set back. ;D Thanks to Rob, Jenny, Phil, and Mike for organizing this event. You all are awesome!
Also, props to Rob, Phil, Doc, and Dan for helping to get my heap back together again...and to Jack for supervising. O0
And for the life of me, there are parts of this weekend I cannot remember. Hmm, I wonder why?:elder:
As far as I'm concerned, this year is one of the best ones yet.

Gary Hughes

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Rob, Jenny, Phil, Mike - what a great weekend (at least from what I remember)! Thanks for making it happen, and already looking forward to next year.



CACC President Kevin Moses
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There was a bit of carnage that happen during the weekend. The picture of the Miata on the trailer above was due to a big hole put in the block by a rod. There were others, but I will let them tell you. There was someone who fell on his face from to much drinking. WOW, what a weekend.

Jim Harding

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Late checking in....Had a ball, and thanks to our Delaware members for putting together another fun filled weekend. Thanks Rob, Jen, Phil, Mike and everyone for making it happen. And the STD award has a nice place on my wall. O0O0O0