Hell'uva weekend!

Rob Burton

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There was a bit of carnage that happen during the weekend. The picture of the Miata on the trailer above was due to a big hole put in the block by a rod. There were others, but I will let them tell you. There was someone who fell on his face from to much drinking. WOW, what a weekend.
Someone???? Do tell...........


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Reposting this here:

Thank you To all the Host and Hostesses over in Rehoboth Area for a spectacular and memorable time this weekend. I have to admit for the amount of participants this past weekend it was the perfect amount of troublemakers!
And thank you Hector for all you have done and supported to get me out there and fun it up with all the special needs people in the club! (I certainly fit in this group!)

Till next year, hope this event stays with us and more will participate!!



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Perfect weekend, thank you all for keeping this event alive and fun!! Liked the new venue for lunch at the end of the cruise......

We also liked the warmer weather by having this 1 week earlier; looking forward to joining in on the autocross next year...

We have seen nice pictures of Maryland's Eastern shore, but have never been; for next year's cruise maybe??

Rich & Regina