Help a Driveby today.

Scott Harrison

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Received this late yesterday.
If you are going for a drive today, here's a way you can cheer up a 9 year old who just had a heart transplant...

"Hi Scott,

I’m not a member of your club but I was hoping your group could help me with a birthday surprise. The son of one of my coworkers is celebrating a special 9th birthday tomorrow the 30th. He is recovering from heart transplant surgery and because of covid they are doing a drive by celebration. I’d love to get as many cool cars to drive by as possible and was wondering if you could recruit some drivers to help Ben celebrate. The drive by parade is from 2-3:30 pm at Groveton Elementary school in Alexandria (6900 Harrison Lane). They will be sitting at the bus loop at the front of the school so all they would need to do is drive by and honk or wave. I realize it’s short notice but if you have some members who wouldn’t mind a Sunday drive I know he would love to see and hear all the cool cars. Let me know if you can help. My number is 571-232-4515
Rob Yergovich"