Looking to rent a covered trailer

Well, I'm a bit torn between going to the Woodward Dream Cruise 16, 17, and 18 August, or going to the BMW Championship (FedEx Cup) that same weekend. It would be an easier choice if I could locate a covered trailer to haul the Super Snake to Detroit. I tried JLR Trailer Rentals in Manassas, but they're no longer renting trailers and are liquidating their inventory. And, not quite ready to shell out the bucks to buy an appropriate trailer outright.

Anyone have a suggestion on where else to look? Anyone have one that they'd rent out at a fair price? Should I just go to Illinois and watch golf?
Great question, and the answer will be all telling.

In June of 2017, I ordered the donor Mustang GT from a dealership in Las Vegas. When it arrived in October 2017, my wife and I flew out to Vegas to take delivery, and, after some dealer prep, my sales guy drove it a few miles over to Shelby American for the build. Once the build was complete, I had it trucked out to Tedd Britt in Chantilly. It rolled off the truck in February 2018 with less than 20 miles on the odometer, and, after a brief visit to a service bay to get its inspection sticker, I drove it home and parked it, in the garage, under its binkie (Shelby logo and all) with slightly over 20 miles on the odometer. About 18 months later, it now has 993 miles on the odometer and I'm freaking out about hitting the 1,000 mile mark.

There are two schools of thought: drive it like there's no tomorrow, or, not. Driving it Michigan would just about kill me, and, although the pictures of you guys driving your Cobras in a storm kinda makes me smile, but it also freaks me out. The Super Snake has not see a single rain drop, and just the thought also make me freak out.

Yep, I'm just a bit twisted but I hope y'all don't hold it against me :)

Have a great evening everyone.


Hot Rod

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You know, recognizing you have a problem is the first step to recovery. ;D If you just like looking at the car, fine, but getting a Fathead would have been cheaper. You just wouldn't have the 3-D effect. Now, if you really like driving the car, Detroit would be a nice little road trip. The Dream Cruise is a wonderful display with a lot of variety.O0

Scott Harrison

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Cobra was less than a year old when I got caught in a downpour at a car show... new hope 3.jpg
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Frank, Frank, Frank.....::)

I saw something appropriate to this discussion the other day that I will attempt to share in a way that it is suitable for this family friendly website...

"Not driving your collector car is like not making love to your girlfriend so that she will be nice and tight for her next boyfriend".:eek:

I bought an 1989 Corvette convertible new. Owned it for ten years, put 25k miles on it. Drove it to Canada and as far south as South Carolina and everywhere in between. Miraculously, never in one drop of rain. Sold it to a guy who took delivery and drove off with tires spinning in a torrential downpour.:burnout:

Take a deep breath and go out and drive it. You will have fun and those that know what they are looking at will appreciate seeing your car.

I saw this set up at SAAC 44. What a great showcase. An owner can go almost anywhere, keep it dry and pristine and even show it off at 65 mph while traveling the country. If equipped with an electric winch, you may not have to start it during ingress and egress, if someone is available to help push it out of the trailer and back into the garage.

Good morning boys and girls. Was down in NC playing golf this weekend and catching up on emails this morning. Which, more than likely, will be the high point of the upcoming week.

Hot Rod; If this was my only problem, recovery would be much easier. And, agreed, grew up in Ohio and am familiar enough with both the Pennsylvania and Ohio turnpikes to drive them blindfolded. Still an awesome drive, especially in the fall. And, went to the Cruise a few years ago when my niece got married (brother Tom, GT500, lives in Rochester Hills). It was really something to behold.

Scott; “Liked” “….or Grow a Pair”. Refer to the above as this is one of my many problems.

Scott; So, first, great pic. Second, how long after the rain did you need to wait for those tires to actually grip the road? Yes yes, mine “may” actually get wet some day, but … and here comes the “Grow a Pair” line again … I’m not sure I want to see how well my non-all-season Michelins perform when water is pooling on the turnpike. Nor am I sure I want to wait on the side of the road for the roads to dry well enough to continue the journey. I’m feeling a “pansy”, or worse, comment coming up shortly after this post.

Scott; Speaking from experience, and contrary to popular belief, being thrown in jail isn’t so bad. It’s the thought of the car resting in an impound lot that would make my stay intolerable.

Bill, Bill, Bill; I would flip that around a bit. Driving the car as infrequently as I do keeps this girlfriend nice and tight for the next time I drive her. And, I would not be so lucky if I were to take such a road trip. Once again, refer to the above as this is yet another of my many problems – if it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

Nathan; Obviously, you know Scott very well. If he does get his rear end thrown in jail, it does make the time go quicker if you have a friend along for the ride. Bill, the door is wide open.

601HP; I saw that in one of the Hagerty articles a while ago. Want to go in on half? Anyone else up for a fractional ownership deal?

Have a great week everyone.

sigh "still trailer-less" Frank


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Perhaps we have a new "Miss Daisy?"

Thunderstorms in an open car with semi-autocross tires or a New Years drive in snow, now that is fun!
Scott, I am seriously at a loss for words .....

Don, are you being dismissive or sympathetic? Heaven knows I need some help here.


p.s. Anyone know of anyone that rents covered trailers so that I can haul my Shelby up to the Woodward Dream Cruise ?

p.p.s. I crack myself up :lol:

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I’m feeling a “pansy”, or worse, comment coming up shortly after this post.

sigh "still trailer-less" Frank
So, there is being careful and then there is pansy. I got say, I'm leaning pansy on this one. Even non all-season tires channel water from under the tread, unless you are running slicks. :oops: You may need to slow down, but you should do that any way when its raining. What is your tow vehicle?
Thanks Hot Rod; I too would be leaning pansy.

I'd like to say it would be my very own F150, but, gave mine up in favor of the better gas mileage found in assuming ownership of my daughter's Escape. So, looks like it would be a leased 3/4 or 1 ton pickup through Enterprise Truck Rental in Chantilly.