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Good morning.
I am a new member and a new cobra owner (purchased 45 days ago) I. i enjoyed meeting a few of you at VI yesterday.
Question ... does anyone have a line on a great mechanic in Northern Va?
my tires rub under certain conditions and I need to fix it
thanks for the help


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Here's another possibility. I do not have any personal contact with them but maybe some others do. Their website looks like they have the experience and capability that you need. Maybe someone else can chip in with any reference comments.

Jim Harding

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Which tires rub, what do they rub on, and what might be certain conditions? It may be something you can do wrong tire size.


John Sitton
As Jim says, your problem may be simple. My tires started to rub as the suspension settled (at 3000 miles). A couple of turns on the shock collars raised the frame back to the correct ride height and the rubbing was eliminated (and the suspension brought back into alignment as well).


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As I mentioned to you at the VI, your best bet for information for your Excalibur Cobra is Club Cobra site.
If the front suspension is coil overs, it should be height adjustable.

Here's one post from the Forum: (note it is from Jul 2001 )
Hi Tom,

I have a 96 Excalibur Cobra # M123141. It' a 302. Not long ago I visited the plant. Took the car home for a visit, so to speak. They are still in business, but not making cars anymore. I must say they were very friendly and helpful. Main product is very high end enclosed motorcycle trailers. Several of the people from the very beginning of the company are still there. Because I have no documentation with the car, I was interested in the origin of as many of the parts as possible. Below is a list of what I was told verbally. This may be of interest to other owners, although I'm not sure the parts origin was consistent over the course of production. All of their original records were lost during a computor changeover.

Has an 8.8" Ford rear end..
Rear brakes are probably 94 Mustangs.
Front brakes are 79 Granada.
Catalytic Converters are 94 Mustang but are custom cut.
It has a reinforced windshield for rollover.
Rear springs come from Dales race shop. 175 # rating.
Front are Carrera coil over springs and shocks.
Steering column is a Chevy S-10 pickup
Steering rack is from a 79 Mustang 2.
Finish Line has all sorts of after market parts and will probably have the Lucas taillight assemblies.
The entire interior was made at Excalibur.
The radiator is special. Was made at Scotty's Radiator Shop in Milwaukee.
The temp gauge runs about 20 deg high. The engine normally runs at about 190 degrees.
Goodyear on Hwy. 100 and National can do front end alignment.
A 1 drive shaft built the driveshaft.
The compressor on the air conditioner is stock but all the lines are custom.
The brake master cylinder came from NAPA but no one knows who made it.
The top hose is a 94 Mustang hose cut to fit.
The lower hose is a universal radiator hose.
The alarm cuts out the fuel pump, the starter and the ignition. It cannot be bypassed. You can not get duplicate keys. There was a red master key that can be used to reprogram the gray keys if you have the instructions. Made by Hella.

Hope the info is helpful. Let me know how many owners you find. The factory says they built about 200 units, but the number varies depending who you talk to.

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Another resource might be Craig Mogus, son of one our deceased members, Jack Mogus.
Jack had an Excalibur that I "rented" from him while my Cobra was having the engine rebuilt. I have worked on that car, but it was in 2004 and I have no recollection of the front suspension. Jack also had an "Operators manual"
Craig still has the Cobra, and may still have the manual. This would be handy to have even if it doesn't have the specs you need. If you contact him, tell him I referred you. cell #703-989-1953, or

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