New member here, Hi all!


Jamey Brumsey
I met a few members last weekend at the Dulles C&C who turned me onto the club and it's forum. I recently picked up my first Cobra, it's a 2009 BDR with a Roush 347 and T5 trans. The car has been sitting for a while and needs a few maintenance items but once done I'm looking forward to getting out to some club events.

Here's a bonus video of my daughter's Cobra that became my covid project this summer to hot rod.

Scott Harrison

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Jim, Nice meeting you Sunday. Hope you get the issues sorted for the New Years Cruise.

Mike Holt

Quick! Run while you still can! Theses guys are nucking futz!
JK. Best group around!

welcome to the madness!


Jim Wehr
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Welcome, Jim! We also have a Sunday morning C&C in Leesburg. 9-11am @ Dog Money.