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We were in Kemp Town, MD a couple of weeks ago and met a guy teaching his wife to drive their Cobra. Me and my wife went over to talk to them and we were invited to join here at CACC. Well here I am and looking forward to meeting some new friends.

I built and finished my EM cobra back in 97. It has corvette suspension and a 351C engine for fun.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting up when we can. Once I figure out how to do pictures I will post one.


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Welcome Don,

My EM was built in 1988 and in a couple of weeks will be heading to a new owner in Florida.


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Welcome to the gang. I am down near college park. I built my FFR back in 03-04. I don't get over to VI any more - the traffic coming back is just not worth it. I do miss seeing those folks There is a smaller group that gathers at Bob Evans in Bowie every sunday morning at 8. Not sure where you are nut that might be a very long haul for you. A couple of guys with cars are up your way maybe they will chime in.

Enjoy the ride
We have a cracker barrel in Frederick. Maybe some people want to meet there once a month or so. Anyone that lives close to Frederick let me know.


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Don, I was coaching down on the baseball field on that same day! That was Dave Apple that you met.

I'm up on the north side of Mount Airy, myself. There aren't many of us up in these parts, so we don't get together for breakfast traditionally. Maybe if we get some more representation we could start doing that.

Nice to have another local!
Just let me know as we are available most Saturdays. I like to fly my RC airplanes in the AM but can go later in the day. Anyway, glad to know there are a few people up this way.
Welcome! Bring the car...and the wife over to Rehoboth for our annual gathering Oct 3,4 & 5. You'll have a great time and get to meet plenty of the crowd.