New Years Day Frostbite Cruise


Doug Wheeler
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I will not be able to join for lunch, but am still going to try to make the first part of the cruise. I'm a maybe for that at this point.


Rick Soloway
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We will have the cruise again this year, weather permitting. We haven't finalized the route, but expect it to be one of our favorite routes
with lunch at Kilroys in Springfield Va.
Ravensworth Shopping Center
5250-A Port Royal Rd.
Springfield Virginia 22151

Please post your intentions on this thread if you're joining us, so we can give Kilroys a head count.
If your name is in BOLT FONT, please provide your real name so we know who you are!

See Route map and directions below.

Interested: (~60)

Scott Harrison
Hector Rodriguez
Gary Hughes & Elizabeth (Lunch Only)
Jon Harrison
Kevin Moses & Carson
Ken Caniglia
John Evans & Julie
Joe Kennedy
Scott Brooke +1
Gary Luisi
Doug Wheeler
Vic Chambers & Christian
Ed Bushee & Sherry
Doug Smith & Austin(?)
Craig Stuard
Tim Meyer & Minion
Mike Shade & his better half.
Scott Carter & Lesley (Jeez, another Scott!)
Brian John & Barb
Doc & MaryJo
Zimmy (no lunch)
usfkdave ?+1
Nasser Ali +1
Joe Drumheller +1
Mike Lowe +1
John Bissell + Bill Wemhoff
Jim Wehr & Sandy
Daniel Farhood
Kurt Sorensen (no Lunch)
Larry White (no lunch)
Jack Goehring +Mary Kirk
Katherine Lindsey
Val Wadsworth & Sandy
Joe Koyd & Lynda ( lunch only)
Art DesLauriers & Maggie (lunch only)
Alan Drew & Debbie
Rick Soloway will attend


Larry White - Troll
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I'm out due to house power outages. They are being cured but need to stick around as electrician needs to show up. Happy New Year to all my CACC brethern. Be well and stay healthy.


Val Wadsworth
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“Mrs. GEE TEE” here (aka Sandy)...and Val too. Just wanted to say what a great time we had yesterday and to add our thanks to those who organized the run and lunch. It has been a few years since we’ve done the Frostbite Cruise and I’d almost forgotten the thrill of dodging potholes on DC streets while trying to keep up with the rest of the participants! Seriously, it’s always a hoot to see people’s reaction to a whole bunch of Cobras! Love it!
Ken was right about the “need to pee” part but who could’ve anticipated that our constitutional right to urinate would be impacted by the shutdown?!?!
Anyway, loved seeing so many old (long-time) friends and meeting some new folks. Cobra people really are the BEST!
Hope we can get together again when the weather warms up in the spring.
Cheers and happy 2019!


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Great day out, until I got lost and bailed on lunch!
Eagerly awaiting status report from Joe Kennedy - I'm betting that his MSD box let out the magic smoke on the parkway....