Newbie posting for the first time

I attended Katie's Cars and Coffee last week (1 June), and met Jack Goehring who invited me to visit your website. I had a very nice conversation with Jack, but after reading a fair number of posts on the website it appears the membership drives Shelby Cobras ... I have a 2017 50th Anniversary Super Snake (CSM # 17SS0162). Is this website meant to be exclusively for Cobra owners, or can an outsider like myself tag along?

Thanks much, and hope y'all are having a great weekend.

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Jim Harding

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Welcome Frank. Although the name of the club would appear to define us as only Cobra owners, there are members who have yet to own a Cobra, and some who are previous owners, so I think you will fit right in with this group.


CACC President Kevin Moses
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Frank, the club is about car enthusiast with a Shelby Cobra undertone. Classifying us as club is a stretch. We are just a bunch of cars guy and girls that like cars and get together from time to time. We even have members with corvettes. We try to discourage people with gold chains but some of them are OK. WELCOME!
Yikes, I guess I'll be leaving the bling at home.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Rumor has it that some of you get together at the Old Brogue Friday afternoons. Any truth to the rumor?

Have a swell evening folks.


Scott Harrison

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Yes, many of us have Mustangs and/ or Cobras. We're not particular about that, just as long as you have a sense of humor and thick skin, you'll fit in fine.

And yes a number of us meet at the Brogue for lunch on Fridays. Anywhere from 2 to 10 have attended.