Of course I don't want one. It's not a Ford

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I'll still take the GT any day. I really like that car. In fact, if you know someone willing to trade a GT for a ZR1, I would be happy to exchange. Of course we will need to wait until the ZR1 comes out and fervor to die down. :D

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I don't care whether you like Corvettes or not, that is impressive and the ZR1 costs 1/3 of the Ford GT.

And the Corvette is still in the dark ages with their pushrod engines..imagine what they could do with DOHC?
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Ken Caniglia AKA Superfly
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GM has been perfecting the Corvette for years, just watch the GTLM series. The Ford GT is just starting to spread its wings on the track, but because its a limited production car, unlike the vette, the public may never see the changes.
I could understand if Ford was a small manufacturer with little to no experience in the performance field but come on; they’ve had years of experience. I’m in no way advocating for the Corvette but a THIRD OF THE PRICE and with a TRUNK LOL.
I drove my buddies 2016 Z06. The only way I can describe it is...that car is angry and wants to be unleashed!! I can’t only imagine the ZR1