Opinion needed about brake upgrade

Tom Gera

I need help regarding my recent decision to upgrade my brakes.
My car = 2012 MK4 base kit (donor parts), pedal box from 1991 mustang with brake pedal mod, front spindles = from 1998 with sn95 calipers, rear = solid axle drum brakes from 1991 donor, three link with koni's on all 4 corners. Currently I think my brakes are OK for cruising but I would like to get into autocross. No I am not planning to be a professional but I need the car to stop like it was yesterday.
I have pretty much decided to purchase a brake kit from Gordon Levy (Wilwood 6 piston front and 4 piston rear).
So is this a good decision?
Should I replace the pedal box as well? Gordon said that I don't need to.
Has anyone purchased the 9" Ford auto-cross edition full float Rear End package from Moser?
How bad is brake "kick back"?
Should I just botch the entire idea and go with a power brake set up?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Ken Caniglia AKA Superfly
Contributing Member
Going to FFR forum probably a better source. IMO the 6/4 piston combo is an overkill. First question is how do you plan on using car? Next upgrade from what you have, would be disc brakes from Mustang Cobra 1999-2004, front and rear. Probably good enough even for ocassion HPDE.

Joe Loyd

Contributing Member
One of the best upgrades I did was adding cobra discs all around and a Toyota brake booster....