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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by tim-in-oakton, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Hi there CACC! My eldest nerdlet (Trillian, 15 yr old sophomore) is participating in Madison High School's annual science fair and she is seeking participants to try her website hearing test app and submit test results for her research.

    The app is intended to test hearing range, it's built on Google tech, and she'd really appreciate if some CACC members could spend a minute, take the test and submit anonymous results (submit pops to an informed consent form in Google Forms).
    The link for the test is trillian.wickedgoodcloud.com and be warned that loud high pitches sounds are incredibly annoying - turn down your volume before starting the test!
    Thanks in advance for participating, I'm, interested to see how years of Cobra ownership has impacted our hearing!

    Nerdlet note:
    My name is Trillian Meyer,

    I created a hearing test for my science fair project. It is a data analysis project revolving around a hearing test designed to see what a participants hearing range is.
    I programmed this test from scratch (with Dad's advice). To do so I learned JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and my app pushes test results to Google Forms which feeds a Sheet for analysis.
    I would appreciate if you could participate in my project and take my test, and I would love if you could take and complete the survey form attached to my test.
    The URL for my test is below.
    Thank you in advance,
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    Wow; neat test! The linear regression of highest frequency heard to age is most telling.
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    After a bunch more replies I'm hoping that she can add a "Guess your age" function!!
    At 50 I have the attitude of a 30 year old, the maturity of a teenager, the liver of an 80 year old and sadly the ears of a 70 year old!!!
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    Done! Without my hearing aids. So, pretty much based off my right ear only. Pretty cool though.
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    Pretty kool project ...

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