Rainman strikes again

For the folks that missed the cruise-in last night, it was fantastic weather. It was coming home that sucked! ;)

Rip - did you get wet last night? I hope Doc, Pete, Scott, and Chipper were all home by the time the deluge started.

Rip and I watched the spectacular lightning show to the north, the whole way up the PW parkway. It had just started raining when Rip and I parted company on Liberia Road in Manassas. I was out of gas so I stopped to fill up and suit up. Also dug my trusty chamios out of the trunk so I could keep the inside of the windshield wiped down.

By the time I got back to Rt234 bypass, I had to take my glasses off because I couldn't see through them. Can't see without them either....lesser of two evils I guess! Had a hard time determining where to turn at the intersection because there was so much glare, and the rain was smacking me hard in the face. Finally made the turn and it started HAILING. Not huge hail, but I can assure you, even the smallest of hail is no fun in an open car! Ouch! 8O

I remembered there is an overpass on the bypass, so I figured I'd pull over and wait it out. The only way I was able to find the overpass was to take note of the brief reduction in rain as I passed under it! I had to back up about 100 yards (no backup lights, dark, raining) to get back under the overpass. There was almost no curb area, so I had to back into the dirt to get off the road. In the heat of the moment I wasn't smart enough to realize the dirt would now be mud.....about 4" deep. I decided it would not be wise to stay and sink, so after much spinning and some "monster-truck-quality" mud rooster-tails I was able to get out of the quagmire.

By the time I got to RT28, I could feel the water sloshing around in my footbox, so I pulled over and removed the drain plugs from both footboxes before the water level got high enough to toast the computer. Coming across RT605 to Warrenton, I could barely see the road, but could feel the STANDING water as I drove through it. I figured any minute I'd run smack into a tree the had been blown over or something, so I drove extra slow for the final 10 miles.

Beth thought I finally pressed my luck too far with the rain and got washed away. She didn't know whether to call the police or the Coast Guard. She was trying to call me cell phone and I wasn't answering. I had stuck it in the trunk to stay dry when I stopped for gas! ;)

Finally got home a little before 11pm. Wet, muddy, tired. Will spend some time today getting the ol' girl cleaned back up. At least the underside got a wash.


Don Gaboury

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:( :( Sorry to hear you got wet and cold again.... I made it to my house before the rains came but they were not heavy rains.. I guess Rip got wet also, but the way it rains around here he might not have gotten rained on.. I will give him a call latter.. :cry: :cry:
Man, Wade...what Scott said!! I vote that your next upgrade is a hitch. That way you can put one of those boat propeller thingies in it. Seems only appropriate.

Guess this explains why the farm animals line up 2x2 when you drive by? :D


Gary Hughes

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How did Beth get so dirty? Did she clean up well? And please don't be saying anyting about "undersides!" And what's this "Old Girl" stuff? Does she know you call her that???? :eek: :eek:

I got home just before it started raining, but I was thinking of you and Ripper headed to the west. Ripper said at the Grease-up this morning that the moment you and he parted company in Manassas it stopped raining on him. No great surprise there, eh Rainman? :D
Chipper - I have about a dozen smart-ass replies to the stuff about the Ol' Girl's undersides, but alas, she reads this forum and I'm afraid I cannot go down that road without suffering serious consequences. 8O

No surprise at all that an isolated thunderstorm would follow me all the way from Manassas to Warrenton!

I'm starting to think maybe I should build a coupe instead of another roadster! :D

Scott Harrison

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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We voted at the Grease-up today to give you the entire Banner Fund if you would Please stay away from Carlisle!
Ha! Doc's already spent most of the banner fund on Long Island Ice Teas. You'll have to kick it up a couple orders of magnitude to keep me away!

Hey, maybe I'll just shadow you the whole way up/back! Does Shelby include drain plugs in those CSX's? :D

Scott Harrison

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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Now you know why I'm taking the (covered) trailer.
BTW, your 'raincloud" is a perfect icon for you.

It occurs to me that your parents could not have selected a more apt name for you-- I suppose they could have gone with Submerge, Dunk, Immerse, Deluge, or Splash, but then it would have been too obvious. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I was giving this some thought over the weekend. Maybe this whole Rainman phenomenon is a byproduct of your name?

wade (vb) wad-ed; wad-ing 1: to step in or through a medium (such as water).

Drying up the CACC outings may require nothing more than coming up with a new name for ya. :D :D

A few possibilities: Dusty, Sonny, Ray.

A few purposely left off the list: Noah, Rusty, Gale, Poncho.