Recently Slithered Into Your Club


Val Wadsworth
Contributing Member
601HP said:
Ten days before it I had demolished our kitchen to the point it resembled a war zone, :? :cry: and it became a two month project.
Will we be seeing you on Renovation Realities on the DIY channel???

Bill Magruder

Contributing Member
Good Samaritan = Elder. He is just being shy. Elder, while notoriusly(sp?) in a pickel himself, will be the first to bail somebody else out when in need. :smitten: even if he cannot remember it the next day... :elder:

Now back to the limerik ... "doubled his stroke"... "Power Stroke" There is some potential here.

(can some one help me with my spelling?)

David, welcome. If the weather is decent I'll have mine up your way on the 25th. I have a meeting in Belcamp and I'm looking forward to getting the Cobra out for a nice drive.