Sad news...Eric Webb passed.

Scott "Elder" Harrison

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I just received this from Eric's wife. Eric moved out of the area years ago. Many may recall we nicknamed him "Lawnboy" after he veered into a yard to avoid an accident on a Rehoboth fun run cruise.

"#93, Eric Webb

Hi Scott, I would like to let you and the club know that Eric Webb has passed away. I realize it's probably been 6 or 7 years since he was active in the club, but he thoroughly enjoyed being a member and of course driving the coupe.

His funeral is this Friday in Kilmarnock, VA near his retirement home. The information is on the Currie Funeral Home (Kilmarnock) website should anyone wish to leave a remembrance on his Memorial wall.

Good wishes to you all."

Obituary is below.
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Larry White - Troll
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A good guy. I was sorry to see Eric leave the area and the club. He helped me with my car after a Vienna Inn greaseup. My condolences to Kathleen and his family.


Troy Torbett
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Sorry to see this. He was great to be around. Godspeed Eric.


FFR6198 Dan Deitz
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I have nothing but fond memories with Eric.
On one fun run we were heading north on the coastal hwy back to Rehoboth. Jack Mogas and Eric were in the Italia side by side at the last light in Ocean City when Jack hollers out, “You ain’t got the balls!” When I turned my head to look, Eric was flipping me off as Jack launched out!” Funniest damn thing, I never laughed so hard as I chased them down at 120mph!
Rest In Peace Eric, have a Yengling with Jack!
Hey all! I’m Kevin Caruso, but more importantly I’m Eric Webb’s nephew. First of all, thank you for the well wishes. Clearly he had an impact on this community as well. I’m just curious if anyone has photos or anything of Eric at events or him and his coupe. I went to one car show with him in his coupe and I’ll always remember the smile he had firing that thing up in his driveway at 6am on a Sunday. Even burned my calf on the exhaust because I didn’t realize that’s were the exhaust pipes are! Hahah. Anyway yeah I’m curious if anyone has photos or anything and I’d love to come to a car show or two and meet some of the people Eric shared his passion with. Thanks in advance! I’ve attached a picture of the present Eric gave me after that car show. It may mean something to the people in this community hahaha.


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