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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I wanted to give a quick update on the timing for a memorial service. More details to come but right now it looks like the memorial service will be on November 14 (Wednesday) between 2 and 5pm. I will post more information about the location soon. Looks like it will be in the Leesburg area.

Hot Rod

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I had not been on the site for a few days (which is unlike me) and find this post. My heart is broken because Herb was such a good member and friend with a tremendous heart. He genuinely cared for others and it showed in what he said and more importantly, in what he did. Prayers from my family to the Smiths go out that you may find peace. Herb will be truly missed.

Tom Wells

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I haven't been able to post anything 'til now because I cloud up and rain when I start. Now it's time.

It's clear there's a common thread in the posts remembering Herb; he truly loved helping others, and did so generously because he cared about each of them. He also loved a good project.

Herb came to St Augustine quite a few times - his standard question was "do you have some projects?" and my standard honest answer was always "yes!"

A few of the things Herb helped with, or in some cases that he did while I watched and fetched tools for the Zephyr wagon were rebuilding and installing the differential, redoing the brakes including all the pads and rotors, installing the EFI manifold (Sandy too on that one thank you!), installing the racing hood latches, plus a bunch more that I forget... Before the EFI he tuned the carb - two days worth of intense work - and got it to return 16MPG. Lest you think this was easy you need to remember the engine is a 557 in a 3400lb car.

Herb also helped install the outside computer room door and the motion sensitive garage lights which remind Kay and me of Herb every time they greet us by lighting up at night.

Herb also helped at least three other Florida Cobra owners by, in two cases, rebuilding their carbs and sending them back and in the third case, lending his carb via UPS for troubleshooting a Cobra setup.

I do hope Hector is right about Herb helping with the heavenly Cobra.

I will miss his unfailing sense of humor and good company. A lot.


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I just received this from Craig:
"Wednesday, November 14 from 2:00 PM
to 5:00 PM
At Stone Tower Winery. Leesburg, Va.

Please join us for a celebration of Herb's life to share stories and meet friends and family.
This is a casual event - light appetizers and refreshments will be provided; wine is available for sale by the glass or bottle. Stop by any time between 2-5 PM. If you know someone who was close to Herb, please share this invitation.
For donations, please consider supporting Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the name of Herb and Karen Smith."
Really sorry to hear this. I had just pointed out to Julie where Herb lived - we were going to swing by a few weeks back just to say "hi". Had no idea there was any issue.

As everyone has mentioned - Herb was so kind generous with his time. No less so than with me and DCDoug and our Trakrat project. He will be sorely missed by all. We were lucky to have known him. Condolences to his family.


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What a wonderful tribute to Herb and his family. The venue was great and Doug and Craig did a wonderful job remembering their father and our good friend. Herb will be missed by all of us as he was always ready to lend a hand with our car issues. I hope that the boys will remain active in the club as a part of their Dad's legacy. Thank you to all that attended and remembering our good friend.
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