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Scott Harrison

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I'm aware not everyone is a Facebook member. But for those who are not, I'm saddened to relate the following message from Joe Drumheller:
Dec 2, 2018
It’s with a heavy heart that I need to announce that Aidan Drumheller departed this earth this afternoon. He was three months early and had gained a pound since he was born five weeks ago - up to a whopping three pounds. He contracted an infection two days ago. Anam and Sam were holding him when he passed. He was a beautiful little boy and he was the spitting image of Sam. We will miss him so much.
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Joe Drumheller

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Funeral will be at 12:30 tomorrow (Tuesday 12/4) at The Adams Center in Sterling, VA 46903 Sugarland Run

Interment will be at Union Cemetery in Leesburg around 2:00


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Anam, Sam and family. Our hearts are broken for you. If we can do anything...….

/ Jackie & joe


Larry White - Troll
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I'm so sorry to hear Anam and Sams loss and the Drumhellers family. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Diane Ilg

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What a devastating loss for Anam & Sam and the Drumheller family. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.


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My deepest sympathies for Anam, Sam and the entire Drumheller family. This is the most awful news there is. If there is anything at all we can do please let us know.

Tom Wells

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Rabbit & Dervish,

Our sincere sympathy to you and yours for the awful occurrence. Maybe Herb is teaching him some Cobra technology by now.

Time will help, and everything will eventually get better.


Hot Rod

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Anam and Sam, we are heartbroken over your loss. Our prayers go out to you and the entire Drumheller family that you all may find peace.