Who is coming to Rehoboth Fun Run this year?? Here is the list.

Rob Burton

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Let me know if I have missed you. I will add.

Rob and Jenny Burton
Phil and Tonyea Mead
Mike and Sandy Holt
Jack and Jana May
Les and Sabra Veach
Mike and Rose Zarabecki
Rick Aydelotte
Waylon Sprowl
Henry Renard
Roger and Lynn Payne
Dan Deitz
Scott Harrison (maybe-depends on Dr orders) (Dr. Burton says you will be fine)
Kevin Moses
Gary Hughes
Larry White
Rich Gelinas
Bill O'Malley & passenger
Troy and Carol Torbett
Hector Rodriguez
Olli and Joann Hempil
Sean and Jenn Nederfield
Jim Harding
Terry Grant
Doc Gaboury
Nick Gurnas
Bill O'Malley & passenger
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