Wire Cuise


Bruce Burnett
There are many great destination wineries in the area, some of which even have good wine. Frustratingly enough, not enough of them have a paved road that leads to a paved parking area. One place that my wife and I frequent on occasion is Sunset Hills Winery in Purcellville. They do not have a paved driveway, but the drive up the hill from Rt 287 isn't too long. The tasting room is an Amish built barn and the owners, Mike and Diane, are wonderful people. Mike is a car guy and a racer and his wife Diane is a gracious host. In fact, every Father's Day the winery hosts a car show where the owner Mike brings out a few of his collection. I was speaking with Diane this past weekend and suggested to her that a few Cobras may want to show up at the winery one of these weekends. I asked if we could park in the grass in front of the winery (red circle below) instead of the dusty parking lot. She liked the idea and said that the CACC would be welcome. If we are interested in adding this as a stop on our "wire cuise", I will coordinate the date with the winery.