Xmas Party


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Ripper - Wendy and I cannot make it - wishing you and Paige a Merry Christmas. Wait I am not supposed to do that BEFORE Thanksgiving..
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It seems that the cost of going to the club is prohibitive. No one is stepping up to host the party. So, I talked to the wife (she makes all the decisions) and she agreed to have it at our house. The house is not that big so we are going to put together a menu that people can sit where they can or stand up and eat.
Since The Prez can't figure out how to edit his own thread, I'll try to assist. (Elder)...

If everyone is good with this, the date will be 12/8. Also would like a count of who is coming. Even if you posted on the other thread, please post here. (With names of any guests, please.)

Also, there will be a "contribution" requested, so if you thought this was a free meal, forget it ! :knuppel2: The amount will be determined based on the number of responses.

Based on responses on the Forum.... Attendees/Interested: (as of 11/03)
Kevin Moses + Paige
Scott Harrison + Helen
Ken Caniglia and Helen
Vic Chambers + 1
Doug Smith and Beth
Jim Schroff + Mikki and,
Chris Gambardella + Jennifer
Joe Kennedy + Jackie
Troy Torbett + Carol
Carl Williams + 1
Doug Wheeler +Allison (maybe)
Bill Magruder
Don Gaboury+ MaryJo
Diane Ilg
Art Deslauriers + Maggie
Jim Harding + JoAnn
Joe Loyd and Lynda
Bill Wemhoff + Kathy
Ed Hunter + 1
Howard Beck + Marti
Gary Hughes + Elizabeth

Total 40
Please add me and my wife Jo. Thanks, John Bissell


CACC President Kevin Moses
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I hope everyone is looking forward to the xmas party. We have been doing some plan for food and drinks and I think $15 per person will cover the cost. We will provide food, beer, and soda. If you want something other than beer to drink, please bring it. The house can not hold much many more , so we are cutting it off at 45.

Tom Wells

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We won't be there - regrettably. I'd really like to see Elder burn the tires off of Helen's car; he seems to do that at Ripper's...

I recall going with him the following day to get them replaced.